November 15, 2010

My husband leaves again

So today my husband went to try and get into Pathfinder school ( land navigation, and plotting for helicopters) and a bunch of other army Hooah stuff. He didn't get in, it was his 5th time trying. SO now, he is trying to get into the school in KY @ Ft. Campell, which is only a 3 week school. But it just so happens he will be missing our first wedding anniversary. It's the start of many ones alone, so I guess I should get used to it. More than likely he will miss next years to, he will probably deploy as soon as we PCS (were waiting to see if we got Carson, if not its Ft. Lewis Washington. I'm excited for both because that means we will finally get out of Alabama (where we own a home).. So we can rent it out to all the Ft. Knox Armor people moving over to Ft. Benning this upcoming year.

So I hope he gets into this school, he really wants to go.

As for me, well my therapist say's I still can't work. So I'm at home finishing up my semester of 5 classes of online school. (I have to wait for the GI Bill to finish being transferred to me), meaning I can't register for Spring Semester. We have no kids, just 3 animals. Some days at home are boring, others are OCD filled, and then the bad ones are of me laying in bed crying from my severe depression that NONE of my medications are working on. It's been hard for me, and my husband since I got back from the in patient mental hospital. (if you didn't read the post on that, it tells you everything). Anyways, I have therapy again today. I don't think it's working.

Other things going on in my life.. Dec. 4th is the ball, meaning my husband probably won't be here so I don't have to worry about that. Dec. 8th our 1 year anniversary. Thanksgiving, my husband and I have no where to go, so I will attempt to do something cute and sweet for my husband. (maybe try to cook?) Last time I tried cooking something new I caused a fire in our kitchen and ended up in the ER because I burned my hand horribly, which then ended us both in Augusta GA, 4 hours away for surgery on my hand.

Do I suck it up & try to make thanksgiving dinner for two? or do we order in pizza?
Opinions are encouraged!


  1. Hey Cassandra. Congrats on your upcoming anniversary. I am sorry that you wont be together, but maybe you can schedule a "moon date." When we were dating, my husband did the long distance thing and when we got married we lived apart for two months. We would talk on the phone all the time, but we would also schedule times when we would both just go outside and look at the moon. Kind of corny, but it was sweet knowing he was looking at the moon when I was and thinking of me too.

    I would probably take it the easy way out on cooking. The cool thing about Thanksgiving is that there are lots of restaurants that are open OR you can even order a Thanksgiving dinner fully cooked from a grocery store.

    I dropped by from the Meet Me On Monday hop. Have a nice day!

  2. We're not doing anything big for Thanksgiving, if you two would like to come over, you're more than welcome:)


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