March 3, 2011

Confrontation, Changes & Challenges

Sometimes I wonder what the heck was I thinking when events start coming up. In less that 4 weeks I will have both my parents, and both my in-laws in our house. That means there will be 6 adults, 4 dogs and 1 cat in our house, that well there's only one guest room.

My husband and I were discussing what to do about the lack of one room, do we get a blow up mattress for the extra room and clean out the closet or do we bite our tongues, give up our room and stay on a futon down stairs that doesn't exactly fit two tall humans, (it's our dogs couch)...

I'm not to sure what to do at this point, other then stress out. I already have my mom here and that's just going disastrous as usual. She's trying to tell me what to do regarding my business with Avon, and well finances as well and personally I don't think its anyone's business regarding our finances except my husbands and mine. Yes we have asked for advice and help in the past, but I failed to see the "fine writing" with asking for help and advice from families. Where does it say we have to tell everyone our financial status?

Other than that, we have been discussing the baby situation. And well, so far I started my prenatal vitamins, read the what to expect before expecting book and have started saving more for the future of our child. We have been saving for the past 6 months, and are going to be putting more in the account as well.

Were hoping that pregnancy will happen before our BIG move to Alaska in August, because he is going to a unit that's not deploying for another year, and what better than having your husband there for pregnancy and the first year of the baby's life if you can. Thankfully he's on board, now we just have to get everyone else on board and not against us with the "wait till Alaska" campaign. Personally, no I don't want to wait another 6 months to start the process, because then my husband would be missing the first year of his FIRST child's life when he doesn't have to because were listening to other people. If all goes well, pregnancy will be in our near future, (were hoping it'll happen within a few months)... But were prepared for it not to. We just don't want to not try.... And if the process does go as planned, daddy will not miss the first year of his first baby's first year of life.

Now, back to the reality of family coming. What do I do to try and entertain four adults without my husband? And how do I deal with the fact I don't find it fair for my husband to go away with his family and leave me with the animals and home. Personally I find that ridiculous. You don't just leave your wife at home, especially when I never see my husband thanks to his drill sergeant schedule. Yes, I'm frustrated, and beyond annoyed. And probably, I will get a post again saying how degrading I am to his family ect. ect. But at this point, trying to be nice is the past, and saying how I feel is now. I don't think I'm being rude, I think I'm being honest, and since my husband isn't the confrontational type (he say's he doesn't want to stress me out) someone needs to put the foot down and say NO.. That's where I come in.

How do you deal with family and in-laws? Whose the one that puts their foot down in your relationship? And who had a say when you started to discuss the expansion of your little family? Did you take the advice or did you decide you knew best?

Would love feedback for this post, as I am seriously in a bind.