May 23, 2011


So because of much DRAMA, I am going to be making the blog private, so I'm going to need to e-mail invites to follow the page.

I'm concerned I will lose my followers if I choose this route, but seems there is just drama with it being fully public because I discuss my marriage & it's problems.

May 15, 2011


Last night we were at our friends going away party, and I had a discussion with OB before we even left the house. (OB= my husband). I said don't drink to much, WE have to get up at 4 am to go to Atlanta because the cadre was holding the flag at the pre-game events. Anyways, as soon as we got to the farewell BBQ the drinking started, then beer pong. I didn't say anything, I just let him to do his thing because if I did say something than all hell would break out. But of course by the time we got home at 12, he started getting sick. All night he spent in the bathroom throwing up, moaning and being miserable. As rude as it was of me, I ignored it. He put himself in this position and has been in it before. I ended up not going to the Braves game because I didn't get any sleep. So I missed out on something I wanted to do because my irresponsible husband thought only of himself, but still didn't think it was a good idea when he had to wake up possibly still drunk! (End Vent)

The point: We don't have kids, he's in the Army and in all reality. How am I supposed to sit here and compose myself when the person I depend on is acting like a drunk. How would we EVER start a family when he's acting like this unable to control his own actions. It scares me to think that our kids would follow his footsteps and do as he does. He says he would change once we have kids, but I want the change to start now. He's 27, thinking it's still cool to party, play beer pong and act like idiots. Sad thing is, the BBQ we went to, there was no parent actually watching their kids and I couldn't help to think "what is wrong with these people". They all just played beer pong.  As for kids, we've been trying for 4 months now and nothing. I know it's not happening now, but I would like to know I can trust him, and his actions.

It scares me he gets like this often, not nightly but whenever we went up going out with friends. Maybe it's just the friends here? And when we PCS it will all change? But I just get so annoyed, and I KNEW he went over the top last night;  when on the way home he insisted on drunk calling my dad.. I know my parent's are cool but still... one word... PARENTS... In my opinion I find that trashy to do, I find getting that wasted just pathetic, he's not 21 anymore. Why is he trying to act like it? He is in the Army.. He should have some morals and values. Once again I am going to suggest him see someone, because I feel it might be deeper than just "trying to fit in" or whatever it is he is doing. But if it continues, people told me to go to COC, or the Chaplain.

What would you do if your husband got wasted every time he drank with your friends? How would you handle it?

May 14, 2011

3 months left

Well, things continue to get done and our list of things to do keeps getting shorter. This past week we got past a big hurdle, COMMAND SPONSORSHIP. I had some fears about it, the major one... A pediatrician filled out all my paperwork and kept crossing out everywhere. It was like a 5 year old drawing on legal documents.. Ah.
Another thing checked off our big list, transportation is almost all set up. Briefing is done, pick up date is chosen we just need the okay!

With all the PCS stuff, I have been trying to find a job in Alaska. It's hard trying to find a job in another state but I'm trying. My husband asked the relocation office so we are waiting to get the information where I can apply.

Awesome note: My husband and some of the cadre is holding the BIG flag at the Braves game tomorrow, SO cool. We have to leave at 530AM, but so worth it to see that. Plus Box seats for $9.00... (Not bad).

I haven't blogged in forever and a day, but I'm going to try to get back into it again.

But we have 3 more months left at Fort Benning, and soon off to Fort Richardson Alaska. I am so excited, we just have to rent our house out. That's the BIGGEST task we have. Thankfully Ft. Knox armor school is moving to Fort. Benning so we have all those people here now looking for houses and Post housing is pretty much full.

May 13, 2011

Friday Fill In

1. Which was the best day of your life- Wedding day or Homecoming day? submitted by Pink Champagne, Gatorade & MREs.
My wedding day, was a fairy tale and would do it over and over again. It was amazing in Marina Del Rey on a yacht. Loveeeed it

2. Were you a part of the joining the military question or did you sign up for the relationship when your man was already in the military? submitted by Cammo Style Love
I married into the military, and knew what I was getting into. He had 8 years in before I even came around.

3. What is your favorite Disney movie and why? submitted by Raising Roscoe
I don't really know, I can't think of any Disney movies that I watch over and over.

4. What is your favorite family activity to do on the weekends? submitted by Destination: RN!
Right now, it's hard to get weekends since my husband is never home on the weekends. But we go to the dog park and one weekend we went kayaking which was amazing.

5. Where do you secretly wish you could be stationed with you/your SO’s line of work (realistically speaking, not everyone can be stationed on NAS Fiji)? submitted by Wookie & Co.
We are getting to go to one of our dream locations, Alaska. But we would love to go to Italy, and the other two are Carson (CO) & Ft. Lewis (WA)