January 15, 2011

The final night

So, today I spent the final day with the biological family and took pictures. We also went bowling and to lunch. Iv been here for 10 days, and am missing my husband so much I am ready to be in my house with my husband and animals. Once I get back to Alabama I have a million doctor appointments, and tons of disability paperwork because the last guy messed it up. I'm hoping to get back to work (once I find one) but can only make a certain amount of money if I get the disability, which I should be getting because of the Degenerative Disc Disease for life. With all the medical problems, medications and doctors I see there is no reason I shouldn't get it.

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So we got the news that we wont be PCSing to Colorado anymore, and it's now looking like Ft. Richardson Alaska. Which makes my husband happy because that's one of his top places. As for me, I have dealt with going from California to Alabama and now Alaska?!
Being an Army wife has made me put myself second and my husband first, so what makes him happy and where he wants to go I'll be there. I know that I will always put him first, and I will never be first in his life. That is the whole life of being an army wife. You put your spouse first, and you will always be second because the Army is first and for your husband to be safe, that's how it needs to be.

Side note of my depression:
I know it will always be the Military's decision, or my husbands decision. I just go along for the ride and have to stay strong while doing it.

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  1. Welcome to Alaska! :-) This is actually a pretty cool place to live for a while, and at least there are tons of things to do here.


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