September 28, 2011

Spur Ride & Preparing for Deployment

A little background of the spur ride.
The Order of the Spur- is a Calvary tradition within the Army. In order to receive your spurs, you must complete the Spur Ride. The Spur Ride has been defined to me as "hazing". It's 48 hours of pure hell outside doing a bunch of nonsense along with some true military duties. After the next 48 hours in cold weather (mind you were in Alaska about to hit winter, mornings are 28* and right now its about 53*) they complete this tradition. After completing this tradition (which is a HUGE deal for Calvary units), they do a "Spur Dinner" which is where they are welcomed formally, along with more military traditions honoring fallen comrades, grog and a roll call of all that are receiving their spurs.

Now that the background is done, since my husband already has his spurs he is supervising and hazing the candidates. So he'll be gone tonight leaving his pregnant wife (18 weeks now), at home with the 3 dogs and cat. I guess its a glimpse of what deployment will be.
Lonely nights, large pizzas to my self, and endless chick flicks.. That is until baby arrives in February, then it'll be dirty diapers, no sleep, and a house full of animals and little ol' me.

Deployment is coming up so I better get ready for it. There's been so much drama with his mother (as usual) since his mom is demanding to have her way even though we told her that his deployment orders might be when they are out here and they need to change their flight to an earlier date. Nope she still insisted of being here the ENTIRE time leaving us 1 day together... I'm not okay with that and once we get orders I will be putting my foot down & will get my way. I already told my husband that if he mom tries to come to our house after the set date I gave them that we need together that I will be calling the MP's and having her escorted off post. (I'm giving my husband and I 5 days together which is STILL not a lot of time to spend our last days together as just a married couple and not parents, let alone not seeing each other for a year)....

My husband will be leaving as a husband and coming home for R&R as a father. Our lives are changing and we need that time together. If his mom doesn't understand that why is she even coming! If she doesn't respect our boundaries then she just won't be welcome here.

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