October 29, 2011

Block Leave is Official

Well its bittersweet but Block Leave has officially started yesterday! 
Yesterday we celebrated my husbands 28th Birthday where else but Benihana's & ended at our friends house for some drinking. I'm so proud of my husband for not over drinking, passing out or throwing up! 

My husband is NOT one to smile so I am proud of his goofy smile in this picture

The next two weeks should be busy but productive. Yesterday, even on the hubby's birthday he FINALLY winterized the backyard. Thankfully since we've been getting some slushy want to be snow its good timing. 

Block Leave we have planned to explore Alaska. We're hoping to go to National Parks, Geocaching, The Anchorage Roller Derby (tonight hopefully), and to get Landon's (the baby has an OFFICIAL name & hubby picked it out) Room all done and finished!

We're also getting pre-deployment photos done, for free by an INCREDIBLE photographer! How you ask, well if your husband is deploying sign up for OpLove Here.. OpLove is free photography for deploying, deployed or returning military members. You get 2 free sessions any of your choice. We chose to do pre-deployment (not the day of), and homecoming photos. We might change to R&R though so we can get the hubby meeting his son for the first time. Haven't decided yet. But if your spouse is deploying or deployed sign up for this great opportunity!

As for deployment...Its won't even be on my mind till it approaches. But we did figure out that my good friend will drive us both to the Motor Pool on D-Day, take pictures and be there for me then drive me home. 

But until then.. I'm spending the next 2 weeks with my husband and enjoying Alaska in 23* weather! So excited to explore!

Here's the photo from today, we went to the Earthquake Park. In 1964 Anchorage Alaska has a huge earthquake on Black Friday. This park was basically all natural and hasn't had any reconstruction done. It was cool, more like a trail to walk though. Great views of the mountains and scenery.

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