October 26, 2011

Smile to your face

So today is behind me, I've decided to move on and not let the negative people bring me down.. Now or ever..

Anyways, Halloween is around the corner. I'm not a fan of the spooky scary stuff, or the haunted houses that people come jumping out at you. 

But what I do LOVE is the candy.. & Mrs. Preggo over here had to get some... So in Halloween spirit this is my all time favorite Halloween commercial!


  1. Good for you don't let those negative nasties get to you sweetie. You are way too good for that. Hold your pretty head up, rub that cute preggo belly and smile big, you are a wonderful woman. I say that from reading your entries, I am sure I would say if I knew you in person.
    NOW go eat some candy...LOL

  2. Cute commercial. :)

    I'm a new follower. Hope you could hop over my blog. http://frugaliciousliving.blogspot.com/


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