November 13, 2011

It's over....

Well the time has come, block leave is over. My husband signed back in today and will be going back to work. Thankfully they have a 4 day so he doesn't have to go back till Tuesday.

Block leave was pretty uneventful, he wanted to relax (which I understand). We didn't travel, or have family here it was just him & I. We got a lot done with the nursery, we just need the changing table cover and its done.

Block Leave in Summary: 

We celebrated hubby's 28th Birthday 

We won a contest to HAWAII! Yet because of the deployment we can't go so we took the money instead, thats right $3000.00 for us. Exciting! 

Hubby put together more baby stuff, we got another activity center from my biological mom. 
Its really cool, the piano on the bottom makes noises when stepped on and the chair goes side to side so he can move. 

My parents bought us a video monitor (the one that hubby wanted) for Landon's room.

We attempted a snow man, little did we know that the snow had to be at a certain "temperature" to form so that was a failure. But we did get into a big ol' snow fight.. W/ buckets & shovels. Not your ordinary snow ball fight.

The honey-do list got completed & the house is spotless (for us at least).

Plans for Thanksgiving have been completed. We are going to my good friends house for Thanksgiving, I still don't know what to bring but I do know we will be bringing sparkling apple cider for the kids & preggo (me)

Hubby attended his one and only OB appointment, I'm glad he got to go but I am thankful he won't be attending anymore. He asked every WORST case scenario question possible and almost gave me an anxiety attack.

I spent most of block leave BEGGING my husband to get a fake Christmas tree so we can do X-mas early, he still isn't having it.. Little does he know he has no choice. Tomorrow we are picking up a fake on from Target. (On SALE)... 

Even though block leave is over we still have a little time left, just got to spend every moment together and make the best of it.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.

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  1. How cool is it that you won a contest/money?! Congratulations!!

    I gave you a blog award! :)


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