December 16, 2011

Me against the world

I wish I could say the drama has ended but it seems to of just gotten started. After yesterday's fun day of drama and getting bashed on Facebook, today was just another day of getting bashed. But this time not from random strangers, but from the people I once called my friends. From the women that at one point before deployment said "I'll be here for you regardless"... But of course that wasn't the case, these girls are on Facebook commenting "poor her (me), she acts as if she's the only person whose been pregnant and gone through a deployment" Granted that was one girl saying that, but the sad part is my other "friend' was the one who didn't feel the need to defend me when I couldn't.... 

The best part are these are not only Army wives, but mothers.. Setting wonderful examples for their children.

 Well, first off... I think I'm doing pretty damn well for myself being pregnant & going through deployment. Scratch that... I'm doing great for going through a deployment.. Pregnant or not.. I'm not sitting home crying or dwelling that he isn't here. Yes I miss him, but I am still functioning and continuing my daily life. Being as strong as I can be and holding down the home front. 
Secondly, It would be a lot easier to get through a deployment if I had friends that weren't gossiping bitches. Simple as that. I have learned early into this deployment that the people your think are your friends are the first ones to screw you over and talk crap behind your back.

Here's what I learned in the 2 days that I have been bashed for everything possible (i.e not picking up a order placed on Facebook at the start of the week, not being able to function without my husband, thinking everything is about These women are NOT worth the time or energy. I won't let them get to me, because you have to care about people before they can hurt you. Yes it sucks that there are spouses like this out there, but they will be every where. There will always be the mean girls, that have to put everyone down to feel better about themselves, or the ones that feel the need to gossip on Facebook so other's can "back them up". 

If there's one thing I know, it's to move on. I'm glad this happened because the reality is I would of wasted my time being there for them and doing what a true friend does.

I'm looking forward to meeting other spouses through the people I know are there for me and have shown me that. I'm looking forward to January for bible study to start back up, and to meet new wives there. 

Not all military spouses are  drama or gossip queens, but it does take time to figure out which ones are worth your energy, trust & time. 

I won't let this get me down, I'm just making the best of the fact that the drama filled people are now out of my life and I can move on. FUNCTIONING, preparing for Landon, starting school again & taking care of the home front until my husband comes home. 

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  1. I just wanted to put it out there, that I think you are doing d@mn good at being the best wife you can be while your husband is gone. I'm new to this whole deployment thing and trust me I tried to pretend like it really wasn't going to happen (obviously one of the worst coping mechanisms ever). And the reason I started reading your blog was the strength and comfort that it brought to me knowing I wasn't the only one on this miserable base in negative degree weather who was missing their significant other and sad that they are missing out on the birth of their child. With 3,500 soldiers deployed it is rational to think that multiple women are going through the same emotions. Granted, I've never met you, but could have run into you at the commissary, hospital, or px. Point is, you are such a strong, intelligent, caring, determined woman that you deserve so much respect for doing this on your own. I appreciate your support and would like to extend that too you like wise (it's gonna be a long deployment, especially since it just started). Yourself and your husband are in my daily prayers. It's definitely not easy, but it'll be worth it.


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