December 26, 2011

Surviving Christmas

Christmas has passed and I made it through the day. I wish I could say it was an incredible holiday but of course with my husband deployed there had to be some bumps in the road. 
Christmas Eve was a slow day, spent the day watching Christmas movies until I noticed something was wrong with my lil man. I went to Labor and Delivery with severe back pain, decreased baby movement and shooting pain in my thigh. Of course the thigh pain was just the baby on a nerve but the back pain was more then that. Thankfully I went in, because I got another (my 2nd of the pregnancy) UTI. I had another UTI and a Kidney infection in my 2nd trimester. So this was my second UTI, hopefully it won't get worse. But because it was my second one, they decided I needed to be on antibiotics for the rest of my pregnancy. 
I spent 4 1/2 hours in Labor and Delivery, they hooked me up to the monitors, gave me 2 bags of fluid and antibiotics through the IV. 
Thankfully baby was doing great, his heart rate was 130-160 so he was extremely active once the fluids went though. I got to go home around 11:30, basically just have to be aware of the pregnancy and baby since I can go into pre-term labor if the UTI gets worse. 

Christmas morning I woke up to an early morning call from my soldier. We got cut off 2 minutes into our conversation then he called back later and we got a real conversation. He had a good Christmas, he got to have brunch then dinner. His dinner was more like a feast, turkey, ham, and all the yummy sides.

I spent Christmas sleeping and watching more Christmas movies.
 For dinner I went to a neighbors for dinner then came home to relax.
Not to mention we had a white Christmas complete with thick snow falling most of the day.

I braved the stores today, Target & Petsmart. I picked up some children DVD's that were on sale, and Christmas wrapping paper for next year since we'll be wrapping LOTS of gifts for Landon's first Christmas! Petsmart I spoiled the heck out of my animals, and bought tons of treats and toys. 

Really excited because next Christmas he will be home, and we will be celebrating our first Christmas as a family... Just us 3.

Oh & here's an interesting fact... not one person on my husband's side of the family wished me a Merry Christmas... NO ONE ... What's up with that???? Interesting how things work when your husband is deployed. 


  1. I'm glad to hear that you are doing okay and that nothing is wrong with your little one. I'm so thankful you were able to receive a call from your husband on Christmas. It was a wonderfully white Christmas. I've never experienced anything like it before... Would have been a lot more magical if significant other wasn't deployed. Just one more thing to look forward to when he gets home. Always in my thoughts and prayers..

  2. Deployments have their ups and downs and holidays are tough. But they get less tough I think. I'm glad you and the baby are doing better! As for people being in contact...some people I thought would check on me have not checked once and some who I thought would never ask check on me all the time. It is weird.


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