February 5, 2012

Taking control

It's been about a month since the refinance drama happened with my husband and in-laws. If you weren't following basically I found out that my husband refinanced the house behind my back, gave his mom a POA to handle it and I lost all access to our house back in Alabama. 
Not only did my husband lie to my but his entire family did, then his sister made an excuse saying it was supposed to be a surprise for me so I didn't have to stress during my pregnancy".. this was AFTER my husband admitted to being afraid to bring it up to me.. So again... Another lie from the family.

So here's what I did.. After almost a month of staying awake at night wondering what else I was being lied to about, and wondering where my marriage was going I decided to just stand a stand.

I e-mailed his mother (and forwarded it to him and my mother.. basically because last time she said I was verbally abusing her, when clearly I wasn't). I told her that her family needs to back off and let us resolve our problems. 

Sure, she won't react well since it's not going her way and I'm sure no one has stood up to her before. But at this point with our son arriving soon I won't allow this to continue happening. 

Call it being a bitch, thats fine with me. I will do whatever is necessary to save our marriage and ensure my son DOES NOT get raised the way my husband was.
Lying is NOT okay, and the fact her entire family thinks its okay just shows me exactly how I don't want my family to be. 


  1. I am happy for you. I hope that it has eased some stress for you. I know when I was having problems with my in-laws, I did the same thing. I emailed them in a respectful manner telling her she needed to back of and let me raise my son. It is not ok, and I am happy that you stood up for you and your son!

  2. My husband was raised in a family where lying was acceptable too. It made our first year of marriage hell. I think the only reason we got through it is because we were living so far away from our families and almost all of our friends in a new place with new jobs. All we had was each other. We are in a great place now. Not perfect but great. I hope things work out with your in-laws but more than that, I hope you and your husband can come together on it.


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