November 3, 2010

Another Night

Well, I'v been out of the Bradley Center since the October 29th, and I'm getting stronger every day. As stated in my previous blog, my mom is still here. Which is good. I went to my therapist today, and she thinks its great my mom is still here, so she can help relieve some of the stress I have. With all the medications, and changes I am going through (mentally, physically and emotionally), its good to have her for support. With my husband being a Drill Sargent Hes not home often, so her being here is so helpful. I discussed with my therapist the fact of going back to work, and she doesn't think its a good idea. So it looks like my job search is going to be put on hold, maybe till we PCS (HOPEFULLY TO CARSON so we can be close to my roomie Amanda!). Lets discuss Amanda. She is officially my life saver. I met her at the BC, and I think meeting her was the best thing that can happen to me. She was my strength to fall on, and my shoulder to cry on. I can't even explain the tears we shared, and the anger we had, but it brought us close together and our friendship will continue on. Ashley another girl I met, was so inspirational. She was so strong, and powerful. As we were all going through hard times, all hit rock bottom, I felt Ashley was so strong and so open to sharing her emotions, feelings and thoughts. I admire both of these girls, and feel they both were a gift brought to me from GOD. I can't imagine my life without both of these girls, and I don't know where I would be with out them, I didn't realize how much these girls meant to me until I spoke with my therapist today, but I am so happy and lucky to have met them. I just hope they know the importance they have in my life.

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