November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Last night I had a horrible night with neck and back pain, I was up all night and finally fell asleep after taking another sleeping pill at 2 am, along with 2 pain pills and a muscle relaxer. I had my heating pad in bed with me, and my husband completely passed out (as usual) but I am slowly getting used to the fact he sleeps A LOT but works hard so he deserves it. After waking up this morning still in pain we decided to skip out on the lunches and dinners we were invited to and just do a Thanksgiving alone. Last post I gave thanks to the most important people in my life. So here is my list of thanks again with other things I am so grateful for.
1. My husband
2. My family
3. My Army Family
4. My pets even though they are absolutely a hand-full
5. Having food on our table
6. Having a home to live in
7. Having technology that allows me to keep in touch with friends and family
8. Insurance
9. Being alive and making it through the health problems that I have had to deal with
10. Having the ability to gain strength from each problem or set back
11. Being loved and cared about from everyone.
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone, to you and your family

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  1. I'm your newest follower and can't wait to catch up on your post! Thanks for you comment- it made my day.
    I hope you start feeling better soon! It's no fun being in pain!
    I hope you guys had an awesome Thanksgiving!



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