November 23, 2010

Thanks & a Holiday Card

Well I caved in, decided to do holiday cards this year. Were closing in on the end of the year, and well next month is my 1 year anniversary with my husband. I haven't said thank you to anyone so here is my Thanks for this Thanksgiving, and a long time coming necessary for a few people.
Within this year, we have grown so close and he has been there for me through everything. I am so thankful for the amazing people I have met here at Fort Benning. These woman are amazing, and they are what give me the strength to keep going. I have gained so much respect for Military Spouses this year, as I never knew how hard it was to be one. Other than order my cards off Shutterfly (easiest and cheapest thing ever!). I want to just thank a few people, who may or may not read this blog.
1. My husband- He has stood behind my side no matter how crazy his life was, he always got my mom to come when I needed her and has taken all matters into his hands when necessary. He stepped in when I needed help the most and put me on the right track to where I need to be. 2. Dana- She is one of the strongest spouses I know, shes an amazing friend. Weeks after knowing her, her and her husband were sitting with me in the middle of the night in the ER and she was changing bandages & ice for my disgusting burn's, then they took care of our (crazy) dogs, who probably nearly destroyed her house. She has seen me at my worst, and maybe not my best but, anyways, we had a falling out and now we are friends again. I am so lucky we are friends again because she is my rock and has always been there for me. If there is anything I learn from anyone, it's that friendship is something to cherish and I hope to be at least 1/2 the friend she is to me. She is honestly one of the most amazing people, and I am so grateful to have met her and her husband. 3. My Parents- In the last year, my mom has spend probably about a month and 1/2 out here, and has been here for me during the hardest time of my life. My dad and mom has believed in me, and have supported me in all my decisions whether good or bad. They threw an absolutely amazing wedding and have dealt with the stress of me planning a wedding across the Country. 4. The Other Military Spouses- I have met other amazing woman and they have been there for me when I needed a laugh, a night out, or someone to complain to then would flip me to positives. I am so grateful for this amazing family type bond with the Military wives, and am so lucky to have a support system. They have fed my husband and I when I was injured, and have kept me positive during my injuries, or hospitalizations. They are understanding, strong and dependable. 5. Amanda- She was my roommate at the Bradley Center Mental Hospital. Also a military spouse, she kept me as positive as I could be at this horrible place we hated. We bonded, became friends and I depended on her to keep my sane in this place I felt I didn't belong. She is such a strong person, and has put strength in me to get through this. These people have impacted my life in so many positive ways, I am so lucky to have met these military spouses, my husband and to have my parents there for me. The strength I have is because of the support system I have behind me. I hope these people know how much I thank them for all they have done.
With all that said.. I am happy I decided to do holiday cards!

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  1. Casey,you are DADDY'S LITTLE ANGEL"
    The Love I have for you is EXTREME and never ending.

    I LOVE YOU!!


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