November 14, 2010

Sunday -- Funday?

So it's been a few days since the whole in-law catastrophe. My husband feels locked in the middle of what is now a non existent relationship with his family. My mom's still here, were going on over a month now. She was here for the entire fight with his mom, her e-mails, and her negative influence on our relationship. Thankfully, the cycle is almost over, but my husband will be trying to get into Pathfinder school tomorrow meaning he will be training in the field and classroom for the next 3 weeks. As for me, I went to the walk-back the other night, which I have been pushing off for 2 cycles already. But I did it, took my mom and watched all the basic training privates walk back into the company and watch their "ceremony" of going from civilians to soldiers in the US Army. It's a cool event to watch, luckily this walk-back was at 8pm, the MOST normal hour in the past year for walk back. The previous walk backs have been at 3 or 4 am requiring the drill sgt wives staying up all night cooking for the Cadre these ridiculous meals for 20-25 drill sgt's, and other cadre for the company.

It's Sunday, so since this might be the last weekend I'll have my husband, if he gets into this school he will be studying intensely. So his job today, put up all of our pictures, wall art, and home decor. We've been in our house over a year, and we have yet to do any decorating other than the furniture that was here before I got here, and the unsuccessful painting of our room which lead to purple paint spots on our popcorn ceiling.

Basically today should be an easy day, our home projects are officially done (from the start of this post to now, we completed them). We have to stop by his office to pick up stuff on post for tomorrow. Hopefully we'll get time to relax and try to

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