November 13, 2010

In Laws... Ugh Seriously

So with all the drama going on with my in-laws.. *more like mother in law*, its been crazy at our house. Basically my mother in law thinks I'm degrading and ruining her family, and tearing her family a part. Well here's what I think about that nonsense.
1. If you can't say it to me, don't say it. It's rude, immature and stupid.
2. If your going to make shit up about the relationship we have, at least have a reason.
3. Don't email your son and be immature, and tell him to call when I'm not around. Lady listen, I'm his wife. I'm ALWAYS going to be around! NO I'm not stealing your damn son away from you. He's in the freaking ARMY, and WE ARE MARRIED. GET USED TO THE FACT I WILL BE AROUND FOREVER.
4. NO I never said you aren't welcome, but now to think of it. You are not welcome.
5. Our children will never be around you.
6. What you really don't know is that YOUR SON is the one who thinks you aren't proud of him, so get used to the fact he will be going to my family for guidance and love.
7. This drama bull shit will not be continuing.


I don't care anymore for trying to "fake a relationship". It's nonsense. We have our family, Thomas and I, my parents, my family & our army family that supports us.

Apparently, all of this is causing a " heart attack" on the other end, well here's the deal.

I am not fake, I will say it how it is. I don't care if I hurt you by choice of words. I went to get help for severe depression & I will not take this bull shit crap and let if effect my healing. My husband will be here for me, and that's how it is going to be. I come first now, tomorrow and the rest of our lives.

Now... Here's something to laugh at.. Two emails sent from his mother to him.
We LOVE you so much. Remember to look to God for wisdom in whatever you do. God cares about all of us. Apparently we are no longer welcome in your home so I guess you will have to visit us here. You are always welcome forever. We are so proud of you, praying for the two of you daily and asking God's guidance in your life. Much Love, Your Father and Mother.


2. Guess what Thomas. We LOVE you! We think you are the best! You can let us and our friends know you love us by posting that on Facebook. Have a great day.


What I find funny is that this is my mother in law, how dare she try to ruin us and lie to him about stuff that was said. It's as simple as this.

We are married, and there's NOTHING that can change that. What she doesn't realize is that she is pushing her son further away, there's 2 reasons he joined the Army. 1) To get away from his mother
2) To protect our Country.

The best part is, she doesn't even think I don't read these e-mails.. Hello, we are married I have access to everything!..

I'm not bitching about well this immature drama & will now be focusing on what matters. My husband, our life, and the direction we want to go.. UP!.

Part of me doesn't even know if my husband and I could survive this bull shit, we aren't strong enough together. We have problems and they aren't being fixed. I don't know what to do anymore. Iv never had to deal with problems like this.

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  1. I find it funny that she emailed him and said post it on your facebook so everyone knows. Like "Facebook Official" actually means anything.

    Keep your head up girl and remember to try to let the drama roll off your back. I have a crazy family and have no idea how J puts up with them at all. The distance helps a lot! As long as the two of you are ok and treating each other with all the love you had for each other now and forever thought out all the mama drama you will make it though. And try to remember that you can't pick your family, as much as we might like to.


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