December 19, 2010

The 3 C's of the Day

Church: Today's message was The Christmas Story Also about being grateful for one another, and to ask yourself "What if this was your last Christmas with your loved one what would you do? Also about traditions, donations, and other charitable things your family does for others during the seasons for those less fortunate. (Last week I donated my clothes to a battered woman's shelter, today we gave money to the church to help a family that had a miscarriage last month adopt 2 children from Ethiopia, and Tuesday I will be donating more to the shelter)
  • Also, the mention of God coming for the drama, problems, and people that needed a savor. 
  • You want to surrender your life to God
  • You must move forward
  • The question of the week: "What if this was your last Christmas with your loved one; What would you do?" This made me cry, with my husband in the military the thought crossed my mind negatively causing an overwhelming amount of emotion. This can happen to anyone at any time, but military wives have to worry about WHY their husband won't be home for Christmas. Will they be training, deployed or worse deceased. I held my tears back, but couldn't stop thinking about it the whole way home. We haven't with a deployment yet, but I have had nightmares since the whole discussion of him deploying as soon as we PCS. 
  • What traditions do you have or want to start? *Our Answers*
    • Adopting a child or family in need 
    • Look into our families backgrounds and find traditions for all holidays
    • Donate, clothes and money to shelters 
    • Learn and read about the Christmas Story
Cleaning: Since my parent's are coming tomorrow!!!! My husband and I are doing a super deep clean in our house today, and making sure everything is perfect for them. I know its my parent's and they just want to come and see us, but its ME little me perfectionist.
  • I know that they just want to spend time with us, but I'm of course overwhelming my poor little self with making it perfect, ensuring everything is CLEAN, and organized. My husband and I have been doing it slowly this past week but today, was the BIG day. Carpets are getting steamed cleaned, Doggies are getting groomed tomorrow and everything is going to be clean. :) Which makes me an OCD FREAK extremely happy. 
Calm: I have been reading a book about organizing *figures*, and I have started to take more me time. As of now, I will take at least 5 minutes two or three times a day to do NOTHING. Just to meditate, pray or relax. I am so over anxious I always feel the need to do something, clean, write, organize or to demand my poor husband to do some manual labor, since I am supposed to be on bed rest. SO pardon me if this blog makes NO sense, as I have finally taken my pain medicine and muscle relaxers, but I will edit it tonight to ensure its at it's best.


    1. Guess u really don't invite constructive criticism as u seem to just delete what doesn't suit your fancy.

    2. And what would that be, especially if you dont identify yourself. Why would I want someone putting down my blog, opinions and thoughts if they don't have the courage to say who they are. But anyways, thanks for reading and having negative thoughts I prey god has a positive impact on your life this new year. There is a difference between constructive chriticism and just being plain rude.


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