December 6, 2010

First Church Experience

So today I went to Church for the first time in 24 years of life. Quick facts first about my past: I was adopted, born Christian then adopted by my amazing parents, who are Jewish. Well my parents weren't religious, so I was neutral in the religion department until now. So I married my husband, his family is Nazarene and grew up going to the Church. Anyhow, we went to Church today (thanks to my Best friend ever, and her husband) who has invited us so many times, but we never actually went. We decided to go today, all hung over from our Battalion Ball light night. So what I walked away with from church today. It is Presence Month, playing on “presents” (hence the holidays) was Presence Week 1: God’s Presence Means Grace So: Point being, God looks for messed up people/solutions and to look for a way to bring them back to him to use their stories to bring strength to others.
The Three Truths:
1. God chooses to use messy people/ situations
2. God wants to redeem your family mess
3. The Bigger your mess, the more you will NEED God’s Presence
Other exciting news:
1. I am getting baptized on Sunday! With of course my best friends and husband there.
2. My parents are coming for 15 days in 14 days. I’m planning a ton events and things to do (Ideas are encouraged and requested) for AL/FL/GA locations! Good night, its 7 am, I still haven’t slept and I am now watching more series on TV


  1. Callaway Gardens has their fantasy in lights right now, and you can get tickets at Omega travel (inside the commissary building for 6 bucks), totally worth it I think.

    Westville is also very neat this time of year

  2. this is great! i need to start going to church myself...


  3. I'm sooo happy you liked our church! Can't wait for Sunday! This is going to be a special day! Wish your parents could experience it with you!


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