December 2, 2010

Holidays & a New Puppy

I couldn't be more excited for the Holiday's this year. It's been a very hard past month, to do a quick recap:
1 MRI of my neck
Going on 2 CT scans of my neck and brain (next week)
3 visits to the ER in the past week for severe neck pain, and back pain. 
&& even worse bed rest for a month along with  NO driving.
I can't even give even number on the amount of medications the 15 Different Doctors have given me. 
But on the good side, we got a new puppy (not like we needed another one, but I fell in love completely with the new puppy (now named Hershey) 

But on a few better notes we expanded our animal family!! (see above)
And even more exciting! My mom and dad are coming out for Christmas and New Years, so they can see how we do it out here in Georgia! I'm stoked, but now back to Dr.'s orders, and on bed rest.. Have a great day everyone


  1. He's adorable! I seen you the other day, but I was going in to see the doc as you two were walking out the door.


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