December 21, 2010

Parent's Visit

Well we got 2 days of entertaining parent's out of the way, and boy has it been a long two days. My insomnia has been on full swing, I am now on the most potent sleeping pills that does nothing; proof of that was staring at the ceiling for 4 hours, it was awful. As exciting as as my lack of sleep is, No emotional breakdowns today or yesterday.

Yesterday we went to the Coca Cola Museum (see below)

 The we spent the night at the Atlanta Hawks vs. Orlando Magic Game ( ATLANTA WON!)

Then today we went to the Civil War Museum, which my father absolutely loved!
We went food shopping spent a way to much amount of $420, but that's because this lovely young lady (ME) will be cooking every night for the next 2 weeks except for when we go to Callaway Garden's for the Festival of Lights, where we will be spending the night and going to Pine Mountain, then Roosevelt's Little White House. I LOVE museums, and especially when they are interactive. Also we are going to be going to the Callaway Garden's (Garden's), which I heard are beautiful! I'm excited, and can't wait. This blog was random thoughts and just to discuss whats going on. So if I am behind on the blogging situation, I apologize! Hope everyone has wonderful holidays <3

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  1. OOh.. it is sooo nice seeing you write about places I grew up at! I am originally from Macon, Ga - and I am heading home for the holidays tomorrow. I love Callaway Gardens! If you get a chance, and are passing through Macon - may I suggest - the Georgia Music Hall of Fame and the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame as well as the Hay House. Excellent touristy choices.

    Hope you can get some sleep soon. I am sure as soon as you settle into your normal routine all will be well. Merry Christmas!


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