January 24, 2011

101 Bloggers & a day of chaos

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results.       -Willie Nelson
Well first off, I just have to thank all my awesome followers! (military and non military). When I first started this blog I felt like no one cared what another army wife had to say, complain about, or be emotional about. But this blog has turned into some what of my "diary". I have poured my life onto this blog, asking for advice from others, and  the positive feedback to keep me going. I have gone through my HUGE share of depressing and negative posts, I have taken the feedback and advice to move on, be happy and BE POSITIVE!

When starting my blog I did it for myself, most of my posts we about my health problems... If you just started following.. I have a ton of problems: These include: Osteoarthritis in my knees, degenerative disc disease ( a back/ neck problem), a bulging disc (in my neck), and well a straight neck vs a normal curving one.. Basically a screwed up spine = bad severe back pain and constant spasms. I also have had a heart procedure that burns extra nerves. Did I mention I have severe depression and was hospitalized under psychiatric care for a week because of that, because of trying to overdose and drink 4 bottles of wine... (oops)? That's when things were at an ALL time low with my husband and separation was the major discussion topics. But, I have met some of the most AMAZING woman from being hospitalized who all were hitting rock bottom like me. They have supported me through everything. They, just like my followers have been there for me for advice, and feedback. So as horrible as my inpatient experience was, it was a positive change afterward.

So with all the back problems, my entire athletic life was taken away from me fast. I just found out about the spinal problems, but I'm 24 and I don't take " Be on bed rest" easily. So for the last two days I went to the gym. Friday I did the elliptical and some lower body weights. (knees hurt so bad after that). Today I did 5000meters of rowing. Now emotionally I have felt amazing again after the gym, but physically.... I think I'm pushing my self to much.

Another chaotic negative problem today.. I got a letter saying I was denied disability. After having an anxiety attack and taking a nap.. I called the disability office, and they said that was only for social security and to disregard it. Thank goodness, but she said that my fax won't be looked at for another week because they are moving offices. SO to add on to the 120 days of waiting, which means I might not be able to get a job because of it until a decision is made. I'm loosing my mind waiting already.

But in the waiting time, I have my awesome blogger friends (skype me! Cobrien6777), and tons of books to read, and I'm going to attempt creativeness and try crocheting, and scrap-booking. Did I mention my OCD cleaning as well.

Starting tomorrow my husband will be working for 9 weeks straight, training new civilians into soldiers. Now he isn't deployed, but he is gone from 4am-11pm and well that means dinner alone, handling everything for the house, and well fixing everything that breaks. But that also includes the sickness brought home from the privates, meaning I'll most probably be enjoying 4 more upper respiratory infections (Gross)!.

So finally, Thank you again for keeping me positive, energetic and for being such a great "FRG". I am so glad to have 101 followers!!


  1. What a way to celebrate your 101st follower! Go you! :)

  2. Hey, saw your comment on my blog! We've been down the Drill Sergeant path so I understand the long hours and the "alone" time. Looking forward to reading your blog!

  3. And It's about small steps - try to stay positive about this moment instead of worrying about not being positive tomorrow. Keep your chin up!

  4. Congrats on your 101st follower! I hit 105 yesterday which shocked me because a few months ago I only had 20-30.


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