January 25, 2011

We got orders!

Well, the debating and waiting is over. I just got the call from my husband... We got orders to Fort Richardson Alaska. We had our top four, with Alaska being last. But my husband is so excited and so is our family, I am still trying to "warm" up to the idea of Alaska. As a California girl at heart moving to Alabama to Alaska is a culture shock.

We still have some time so it is possible for it to change, but it sounds like they are desperate for my husbands MOS over there.

As for everything else, I'm on the hunt for a job here for the remaining 8 months in Alabama, and hoping that I am approved for disability still. Yesterday I got a letter saying I was denied, but then they said it was a mistake due to their move. I was flipping out that's for sure.

This week I'll be working on my physical therapy, reading my 2 books, handling the house alone because my husband isn't going to be here due to work, and looking for a job. And with all that, doctor appointments, army paperwork, bloodwork and cleaning.

If any one can give me tips on PCSing, and what not now's the TIME! And with this move we have to get a new car for the snow and to fit our animals in lol..
I'm already stressed out, thats not a good sign!


  1. Alaska would be SO much FUN, I think. I have a friend that lives up there and she loves it. There is so much outdoorsy stuff to do!:)

  2. We did our PCS ourself. It was an easy experience because housing was immediately available, it's a small post and we only went 1300 miles. Make sure you keep every single receipt for every expense (food, hotels, flights). I'm not entirely sure what they will all pay for, but I know they covered a lot, if not all, of our expenses.

  3. That will be quite an adventure! Though the cold will be a change, at least it's an excuse to get some cute new cold weather clothes ;)

  4. There should be lots of fun things to do there :)

  5. think of it as another chapter in your life, another journey you'll be taking and lots to blog about. Everyone says it's so beautiful there. You'll be okay and do well there, i know it.It figures the one you really didn't want, you got. Buddle up warm and cuddle up with Thomas on those cold Alaska days and nights.Maybe you'll try snowboarding again? LOL! Without me though. What an nightmare that was but so much fun we had. Andrew says he coming to hunt Moose and polarbear. LOL.

  6. Ft. Rich is really nice! Were up at Ft. Wainwright but I've had to go down to Anchorage a lot for medical reasons. You still have a good city there. It does get pretty chilly but you'll get used to it! Oh and not to mention you still have a nordstrom AND target!

    We drove from Seattle to Fairbanks. It took about 4 days. It was nice for the first couple of days but it got old fast but I'd recommend taking the Ferry. You'll see some amazing things!

    We also did a partial DITY. I kept my clothes with me and some other household goods. They didn't pay us until the end but it was worth it. Plus if you're coming from Alamaba it might take a while for you items to get to Alaska. We came from Seattle so it was there when we arrived and got our house.

    If you need any help shoot me an e-mail or tweet me! withlovelydia@gmail.com twitter.com/nicebonespal

  7. WOW! Sounds awesome! :)
    I'm sure Alaska is gorgeous!

  8. I've heard great things about Rich. We are at Ft wainwright. :)


  9. You get your orders 8 months before leaving?! UGH I am jealous... We haven't even got our "orders" yet, but husband got his Assignment... LOL. And we're supposed to be there in APRIL! lol. You're lucky you get 8 months to plan!!

  10. I am currently stationed in Ft. Rich! If you have any questions, concerns, or needs please don't hesitate to ask! I just posted some information on http://armystrongspouses.blogspot.com You should check it out! I would love it if you added me onto your blog roll and checked back often. We post a lot of AK pictures! Great to meet you :)


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