January 28, 2011

Determination, Giving & Tea?

As I wake up to dogs howling I turn to go try and make my husband get them. Then I remember as the empty part of the unmade bed was sitting there person-less. The hubby had CQ, and I haven't exactly had talked to him in 24 hours. I rally up the monster dogs at 6 am and let them do their business (husbands job to clean that up), and fed them.

As I am boiling the water for my tea, I look around and think "Gosh this place is messy", and when I say messy, I mean smudges on the fridge, and pictures that haven't been hung. So what do I do, get my cleaning supplies out, and the hammer and get to work. All before my tea may I add.

I cleaned the kitchen, and turn to the dining room to remember that my laptop took a turn for the worse, I freak. Then there I am 6 am, in my oh so not warm PJ's, rally up the dogs, tea, dead lap top, and a whole bunch or random nonsense and off to the office I went. I googled ton's of sites regarding my laptop, but they are are "non name brand" so no Toshiba products for purchase. Which makes me feel slightly uncomfortable. Discouraged and sad, but then I go to my blog look at my list of things to do before 30. And start reading through it, so what did I do. I took the steps and registered for the Big Brother Big Sister Program, and also looked up for when there were breast cancer walks around Georgia, thats 2 things off my list!

If you read my blog often, you'll notice I usually put a positive quote on each blog, and right about it. This time, since I didn't get to my daily positive quote book, I'm righting it at the end. Surprisingly, today's quote is EXACTLY what I have been writing about, giving and volunteering.

"In charity there is no excess"- Sir Francis Bacon

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