January 20, 2011


"People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed and redeemed; never throw out anyone." -Audrey Hepburn
As I am now (officially) not a new army wife [one year last month] I am learning to understand the complications that arise with friendships. I have lived in one state my whole life until the age of 23 and have kept the same friends since I can remember. Below are the most important people in my life, I hope this post will allow you to realize and remember the friends from back home that you might of lost contact with.

My 2 best friends from pre-school (I'm in the middle)
The same girls @ my wedding (yes I cried)
Then there is my incredible girl who gave me the best Christmas gift ever, and has gone through some of the biggest life experiences with me:

Night we first met in 2005
Got our first apartment 2006

Celebrated 21st Birthday's In 2007
Dealt with our best friends death in 2008

Had a falling out in 2009-2010

But she was there for my wedding.. Which sadly I don't have a picture of! Lame!!

Point is: 
No matter where I go, I know that I have these amazing friends there for me. No matter how many falling outs we had, or how many mean immature things were thrown back to each other.. True friends are exactly that. True friends.. They won't go anywhere, they always have your back (even when in a sticky situation), and they will be there for the biggest moments of your life. I am so grateful for the amazing woman I have watched grow, but now I am thankful and open to the new friendships that arise. In 8 months, I will be saying goodbye to my best friend from Georgia.

Dana and I : 2/47 Panther Ball December 2010
And yes, her and I have had falling outs. But in the end, she is like a sister to me and family. I am so thankful for the amazing friendships I have. I know that no matter where life takes us, I will have these girls and will make new ones as well.

What have you gone through with friendships and the military? How do you stay close to your friends? Do you feel your friends "outside the military" understand what your going through?


  1. I don't really have non military friends, not by choice, it just seems I meet someone with a military affiliation. I never really had a best friend growing up, not like I was an outcast, I had people I hung out with on occasion, but I was more of a loner. When we moved to WA in 2005, I made 2 best friends, and although we are all over the states now (GA, CO and OK) we all still keep in contact and video chat when we can. Though our friendships have changed somewhat because of not living near each other, I know they are there for.

    One of my current besties, we actually met online, and she lives in TN. We talk everyday (like all day) and she travels down here every so often, and next month I am going to see her.

    The cool thing about the military community though is you always have the possibility of being in the same place again at some point.

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  3. It's rough to go from Benning to AK...I did it, and then ended up back in GA again. My best friend from Benning is up in Wainwright now. I think the longer you are a military spouse, or just getting older in general, it's harder to make friends with people that are like you. Hang in there girl...you will stay in touch. And when your husband goes away for schools, training or deployments, use that time to go visit your bff's!

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  5. "If you have two friends in your lifetime, you're lucky. If you have one good friend, you're more than lucky."
    Hope you get to visit your friend in TN my daughter lives in Nashville!!
    I love this quotes it wraps up how I feel about having mylife long BFF!!! Found you on the Relax & Surf Hop~Shari



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