February 23, 2011

Detox 2x & Big News

So its been about a week 1/2 or something since I've been off my medications, and I'm feeling great! Today I had physical therapy and was in NO pain. I haven't been in no pain in years, I can't even remember the last time I wasn't in pain. So detox is going great with the medication situation Since I'm doing so well with my medication detox, I've decided to also detox for weight loss.

Since being on so much medications, my weight has gone up to 160. I'm not fat, or overweight but I'm the heaviest I've ever been. Granted I'm 5'9 and have no clue where the weight is (probably my thighs and butt)... but I decided it was necessary to get back to my healthy self. I started detox today and will be detoxing for 7 days. I found some pills that got excellent ratings for detox that allow you to eat healthy, take the pills and drink tons of water. (I'm not about to starve myself).

Other than the two different detoxes my husband and I sat down to discuss kids. We decided that after the results of my one month heart monitor that if everything looks good, then we are going to try for kids. Which means that by the end of March, we will more than likely be trying to expand our family (and not by animals this time).

I told my mom today about it, and couldn't tell if she was excited or upset. I'm not sure if I am supported by my family with the decision of kids, but at this point after being married for a year and some months, we feel its the right time. Our marriage is better than its been and the timing is perfect. If we do get pregnant by March or April, my husband would be there for the entire pregnancy and the first year of the baby's life. Which means ALOT to me.

So that's the news as of now :)

"Whatever you do, do it enthusiastically, as something done for the Lord and not for men."  - Colossians 3:23
Holmand CSB

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  1. Just want you to know,that your Mom & Dad are certainly supportive,delighted & excited.
    No reason for you to think any other way.
    Besides that makes us grand parents right???Lol.
    Let's get it on my daughter.
    Much love,


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