February 21, 2011

Epidurals, Physical therapy and work

Well, I quit my job at the crap call center. I made it a week (basically training) at the call center and decided I hated it. Other than that I went today for a follow up at my pain doctor, which I was horrified to tell him that I took my self off the medications. He wasn't to mad he just told me the reason I'm going through so much withdrawal is because I did it "cold turkey", which I've heard wasn't a good idea. (Hence my severe panic attacks, heat and cold spells, and all the crap depression that comes with taking yourself off medications.

Anyways, my doctor suggested doing another epidural for the pain and took me off all the medications and only put me on a anti-inflammatory and a pain pill. Thankfully he was understanding in my reasoning and wasn't to upset. My husband came with me so it was nice for him to be apart of the appointment. (he's usually pretty good about that).

As for everything else, right now I'm sick to my stomach and nauseous unable to keep anything down. Which is never good on my end, because when I'm sick I'm sick and it lasts forever...

I still don't have to many friends here at Benning and I'm starting to get used to it. I've learned that my blogosphere friends are more supportive anyways, which to me is important. I don't want fake people in my life, nor do I want to waste the time. We have about 7 more months in Georgia then were off to Alaska. I'm hoping to have more of a life in Alaska although to me its like an oxymoron. I want to go back to work, and probably will go back to my old job at the loan office. I enjoyed working with military every day, and I enjoyed the people I worked with. Especially my manager because he had faith in me and let me run the office.

Tomorrow I have another doctor appointment (I really don't know for what), and physical therapy. I'm trying to get my Avon up and running still so I usually leave books at the offices I go to. I haven't been full force for Avon yet, and I'm just allowing who ever orders to order, I'm trying not to push.

Does anyone have ideas how to get my Avon up and running?

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