February 4, 2011

It's Been How Long?!

It's been a while since Iv blogged, and even logged on. I have been in a depressive funk, with my emotions up and down. A lot has happened since I've blogged last and I'll update you all on it now.
In the last two weeks, I went on two interviews:

Interview 1: A company that was "nooked" between two ENORMOUS stores, and its honestly just a door, with a small sign on it. But when you walked in, it was enormous. They worked for ADT, and wanted me to do sales. I am not a sales person (well get on to that topic later that I did take a sales position elsewhere).  But they said they will call me when the customer service manager returns. (I still haven't been called, its been a week 1/2).

Should I still expect a call and stay positive or start to think I wasn't right for their position?

Interview 2: Call center, out past my church in industrial/ distribution center. It's a third party call center, and it is an hourly job with bonus. :) I like Bonuses! Anyways the interview went great, and I actually got to follow up with her the next day at a Job Fair. (I was there for other reasons) but she said they are calling my references and are thinking about putting me into their next training session.

New Side Job/ Project:
Yes, I am now an Independent Sales Representative for Avon. I have a link on my blog homepage that says "BUY NOW" if your interested. I hope you are because the finances in my household are calling for cosmetic, skincare, accessory, or hair junkies to buy from me. If you head to the link you can order directly from my site and it will ship for free to your location (APO free too) over $30.
Here's the link just click HERE  and you'll be automatically directed to my site to order awesome priced stuff.

Now the CQ: My husband has CQ tonight meaning he wont be home till tomorrow, blah. But of course EVERYTIME your husband is gone something goes wrong.
Well so far in the year we've been married and the 20 something times he's had CQ, there have been severe storms here. Once there was a Tornado Warning/ Watch and I was flipping (because this California Girl knows NOTHING about any type of mother nature-ie thing except earthquakes), now we have flood watch. Not to mention my dog has peed in the house (who is already potty trained!) 4 times.

I broke down about 4 times today, and finally realized all I had to do was blog to feel better. So thank you for the blog readers I have, and for commenting and keeping my spirits high, and my mind filled with amazing advice and comments.
You (blog-o-sphere) are all the reason I am not in breaking down, anxiety attack mode.

Oh and did I mention my laptop is broken.. Sometimes it just feels like when its bad it can't get worse but does. When everything wrapped up and bottled inside just finally breaks you down continuously.

I've been so out of it, I missed 3 appointments in the last week.
But somehow In the last month 1/2 I have had:
2 Epidurals in my neck
1 set of 6 trigger shots
7 sessions of physical therapy
17 medication refills for the 17 medications I am currently taking.

What type of 24 year old is on 17 medications for pain, depression, anti-inflammatory and insomnia?


  1. Hope your search goes well! :)

  2. I would say give it two weeks, but then set your sights elsewhere.
    Hope your search goes well and I hope that things looked better {no washing away in a flood!}

  3. Ugh! You know... My husband has not once had CQ since I have been here. And he was on it ALL the time before. Weird, right??


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