April 10, 2011

Life goes on

Just the other day, the government was saying it was shutting down. No military pay, commissary's shutting down, ect. Taking a large impact on military families like us. As Friday night approached, chaos over Facebook happened. Until an agreement has been made. Since then things have settled down. So now we just keep on rolling. This government situation has caused everyone to gain insight on financial planning. Since I always took an interest in finances, we have savings.. actually two savings accounts. So life moves on, and so do we.

Anyways, in 2 months my husband will be going to Ranger school for 2 months... meaning no contact for those 2 months. Then in 4 months we will be PSCing to Alaska.

Also, another thing on my mind.. I HATE WHEN people talk to my husband, and don't ask how I am..
I AM HIS WIFE, in my mind its a nice thing to do.. and respectful...
I'm hurt that they don't ask how I am.. I don't feel like they approve of me or like me.. But at this point like everything else.. I just have to move on and forget about it.

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  1. I try to always ask about the spouse/kids where appropriate, but I forget. Since most of my friends have families, it's a lot easier now. I'm lucky because my husbands friends have 'adopted' me into their group with open arms. We never see mine. Hahahaaha


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