April 7, 2011

Military Chaos

It's been a crazy week, with the whole "military not being paid" and government shutting down. The stress have overwhelmed us all, and people are expecting us to be happy for 8 days, instead of the 2 weeks. Well, personally no we're not. In my opinion, these service members are securing your country, fighting for your freedom, and working around the clock to keep you safe. They should be the ones getting paid, but nope... government shutting down is causing chaos among the military, mostly the spouses. How will our bills get paid? How long will this go on for? Ect. Ect. It's stressful having to think your "steady pay" is going away.

In about 4 months, we will be PCSing to Alaska. In the next 4 months, we have to pay for our current house to be fixed, painted and rented out. He's the only one working, and I feel bad getting a job for 4 months then quitting. I've been getting all of my paperwork done, and passport stuff done. Hoping that the passport is done before we leave (since the government is shutting down, so will the process of passports)..

Also in about 18 days, my husband will be leaving for Ranger school soon for 2 months. Meaning another 2 months with the 3 dogs, and a cat alone.. Lonely.. But waiting for the two months after is going to feel like FOREVER..

Another day in the military lifestyle, and just staying strong for my husband and his career.. I hope he gets his ranger tab, more than likely he will get the promotion next year..


  1. The pay thing is driving me nuts and it's ridiculous. I had to privately blog about it because the number of four letter words used isn't even mildly appropriate for the general public. I know the money situation is frustrating, but you have to be excited about moving to Alaska being so close! I would be!!

  2. Military is really not getting paid?!?! omg

  3. Yeah, this government shutdown thing has everyone going crazy. But luckily there are organizations like USAA and Navy Federal Credit Union who are stepping up to help. I'm really interested to see what happens.

  4. So frustrating, but supposedly we are safe now. At least for another week...

    Thanks for linking up and have a great weekend :)


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