April 20, 2011

PCS and all the rest

It's creeping up quickly as the days go by. Today we got our official orders (in hand) and got the paperwork done for the No Fee Passport from post. Last night when my husband came home he came home with a ton of papers and different dates and times for appointments, briefings and etc. Overwhelming to the max, especially when my 2 lunches this week had to get canceled because of them. We have about 4 more months until we PCS, and before that we have to get the command sponsorship approval for me to go. It's hard to sit here and wait and not be able to do anything to make it go faster. The 2 passports (the regular one and the No Fee Passport from post) are supposed to take 6-8 weeks, and then the EFMP paperwork screening is next week. So hopefully once the screening is done, we will know if the Command Sponsorship is approved.

Tomorrow we will be going to California until Saturday night for my husbands grandpa's funeral. Then back home to appointments and what not.


  1. You got to love the Hurry Up and Wait game! Not fun. I wish you the best of luck with the move.

  2. We are about to PCS soon. Er..we didnt really get "approval" we just got married and amended the orders. Whoops!

  3. I dread the day we have to PCS for the first time together. Your a BRAVE girl. Best wishes for easy safe transfers, and smooth sailing all the way. :)
    Nice to e-meet you


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