August 25, 2011

Playing catch up

Well, it's been far to long since I've blogged. With regular chaos with the army life I've been behind. So let's catch up a bit.

This month, we left our house behind (this was the last time we will see our house in who knows how long).. We still own it but it's rented out to another military couple.

Also this month, along with PCSing always comes with goodbyes, well I had some hard goodbyes. As much as I wasn't fond of living in Alabama, I met some amazing people.

Like Dana whose husband was in my husbands unit, and then towards the end same platoon. She was the one who came to the ER when I burnt my hand when I barely knew her, and took care of me and then my dogs when we had to go to Ft. Gordon for surgery.... (GREAT FRIEND)

And not to mention my newest friend (and found out way to late my NEIGHBOR).. Who would of thought that down the street from me would be someone who would end up being one of my best friends..

It's going to be a while to catch up so the next post will be written during no internet & then posted when we get into civilization again.

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