August 25, 2011

August 13, blogging from the ferry

Well, since we are on the ferry with no internet service, this will be posted later this week. First off, hubby had this brilliant idea to save money, so his plan was to sleep on the heated deck of the ferry. Well since we booked to late anyways that's where we were planning to sleep. Well, when hubby was loading the car on the ferry I walked on upstairs and went to grab our sleeping spot. Um NO! hubby was lucky he didn't get pushed overboard! Plastic lawn chairs, with 3 dozen other people squeezed onto this deck. Granted it was covered with heat lamps, but still…. You can't put your pregnant wife, with a bad back on plastic lawn chairs for 4 days! Thankfully, hubby redeemed himself. We ended up getting a cabin last minute from a cancellation. 

Here's a few things to do on the ferry:

If you plan on heading to Alaska and decide to take the ferry bring LOTS of stuff to do. There is absolutely nothing. So far we have spent my days sleeping, and talking to another soldier and his friend from Fort Benning, GA also heading to Fort Richardson, AK 

Granted, we saw Orca's (killer whales) during feeding. They were hunting another type of mammal but there was about 7 right after another. And no we didn't see any type of action they were "searching" for food. But one of the crew said if we were here about 40 minutes later we would of seen the bloody scene. 

Hopefully we will have a good rest of the the trip.. I'm in need of cell service and internet.. It's been to long of a week with hit and miss world access! 

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  1. Oh dear! I can't imagine being on a ferry for 4 days. Thanks for updating. I was wondering about you. Are you still going private? We are now stationed at Ft Benning.


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