September 25, 2011

Starting over ... In Alaska!

It's been about 2 months since we've been in Alaska. It was a rough start and I wasn't sure how I was going to be make it 3 years here. After downsizing from our 4 bedroom house in Alabama to a 2 bedroom house in Alaska we realized we had to figure some stuff out. My husband lent our guest room furniture to his friend who came out here from Alabama. So after stuffing our office stuff in our dining room, getting rid of our kitchenette table, & putting tan couches & black futons together in the living room we barely made everything fit. If your wondering what we did with the 2nd room, kept it empty to put the nursery in there! 

That's right, as of now I am now 17 weeks & 4 days pregnant. We find out Oct. 20th if it's a boy or girl. We have mostly boy guesses with maybe 3 girl guesses. If you go by heart rate and believe that wives tale, the heart rate was 157 yesterday. The pregnancy has been going well but so far my husband has missed all my appointments. I'm not holding my breath that he'll be there for the 20 week but maybe he will pull through and the Army will give him a break. 

Along with moving across country, and pregnancy there is a huge speed bump coming up. Every military families nightmare, DEPLOYMENT. Hubby will be deploying soon and will be missing the birth of our first child. But that's all to normal in the military so I can't dwell on it. I have found a wonderful support system here in Alaska and they have made me realize Alaska isn't HORRIBLE and it takes some getting used to. 

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