October 12, 2011

1/2 way there

I made it! I am officially 1/ 2 way through my pregnancy! 
20 weeks today! 

I would post a picture, but... I'm NOT showing (boo)
I am still ridiculously sick with bronchitis (yuk!)

In 8 days we find out if its a boy or girl!

I'm am stoked! 

But Pissed because they only give you 2 pictures here of your 20 week ultrasound.. What the hell!

So I plan on making an appointment for a 3D ultrasound before hub's deploys.

Did you get a 3D ultrasound? Was it worth it? 

Deployment News:
I figured out two things I am going to do while hubby is deployed..
1) Learn to make homemade pasta
2) Do a challenge----52 weeks of organizing (you can find HERE if your interested in doing it)


  1. I am sorry that you have been unable to truly enjoy your pregnancy so far. I hope you get to feeling better soon!

  2. We didn't do a 3D ultrasound, but they gave us 3 pictures here. 2 of them were pretty much identical (profile shot) and the other was the "it's a girl" money shot. That was enough for me! All the other pics they took just looked odd to me because they were zoomed in on the spine or whatever. Hope you start feeling better.


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