October 11, 2011


Well, its been about a week since the whole drama with the MIL & hubby. So far nothing has been settled and it's pretty much looking to stay that way.

We haven't got deployment dates yet, but the hub's bags are packed. Pre-deployment briefing number 2 is coming up so we know that deployment is arriving fast. 

The Holiday's are going to be lonely after Thanksgiving, but come February the baby will be here. 

My parent's are still coming for Thanksgiving, they agree that if the dates are for the time they are supposed to come that they will cancel the trip and come another time. His mom didn't want to compromise with changing dates to a week earlier so him and I could spend some time together. Personally, it was BS that she doesn't think T & I need time together before he leaves for deployment. 

After being sick with what I thought was just a bad cold for 3 days I had some convincing from some friends to go to the ER.. "If not for you go for the baby"... Is pretty much what got me.
Well thanks to my friends, the Dr. found that I had bronchitis. Now on antibiotics for the 3rd time in my pregnancy I'm battling bronchitis hoping it goes away. 

As for T, he jumps again tomorrow. This will be his 3rd jump here in Alaska, the one before this was a foreign jump. We haven't even started getting the pay for the jumps, so hoping for some nice backpay soon. 

The baby... 
Tomorrow I'll be 20 weeks, we find out in 9 days the sex of the baby.. It's 50/50 on what it is. T thinks it's a girl, I think it's a boy. As long as he/she is healthy (and doesn't have my health problems) I'll be happy. I am starting to feel kicks inside, nothing on the outside yet. Looking forward to showing more since I don't look pregnant yet. I'm hoping to get some maternity pictures before hubs deploys but if I'm not showing I'll probably try to hide the stomach and just do basic photos with him before he leaves for the year.

I'm hoping to start feeling better, I'm missing so much stuff outside in Alaska. Fall is slowly ending, and frost is taking over. This morning it was 26*, and the high was 37* so it's cooling down. Snow should be around shortly. Am I prepared?? NO! I have snow boots, but thats about it.


  1. oooo i bet ur anxious to find out what you are having <3 sigh the D word we always have to prepare for this hang in there and enjoy the time you have, oh gosh 26* thats crazy! its 98 here in arizona nice lol ill trade you =P

  2. Sorry the ugly "D" is heading your way.. I'm pretty thankful Rob isn't suppose to deploy until this time next year. I'm already not looking forward to it.


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