October 3, 2011

It's official

Today was the official announcement of the brigades deployment. Over 3,500 soldiers will be deploying to Afghanistan at the end of November, is basically what the Department of Defense stated today. Thanks for ruining my day, we knew it was happening but now it just seems more "official". T has his deployment briefing today, got more POA's although the Air Force keeps messing them up. We have about 10 Special Power of Attorney's and 1 general with a date that "expires" while they are still deployed.. (Don't let your husband do stuff with out a sticky note with EVERY direction on it) It somehow didn't cross my hunny's mind that in January we will be in 2012. 

Other than the official news today, I ventured out off post for the first time alone since we got here... That would be 2 months since we've been here already. Somehow my hub's had the navigation (why I don't know), so I ventured to the scary area by post to go food shopping. After almost getting hit by another car going 30mph to take the space I was already turning in, and the SAME stupid Alaskan pushing me out of the way to get Banana's. I decided it's just not safe for a little ol' pregnant me to venture out off post with out my husband to protect me. As for when deployment arrives, I'll be going out with my girls! 

I'm trying to enjoy the next month but with deployment briefings, Multi Cam everywhere, and FRG e-mails out the WAZOO it's hard to not think of the fact he'll be gone. This isn't his first deployment, but it's mine. 

Trying to think of the BEST ways to get through this deployment and staying busy. 
Without getting a job since I'll have a newborn in Feb.. Any ideas? 


  1. Oh yuck, preparing for deployment is awful. Is there an MWR in Alaska that offers sightseeing tours? Alaska seems like a cool state to explore. Congratulations on the baby though! I just found your blog and I'm really enjoying it so far!

  2. Oh wow, that's not fun news to get at all. I would suggest to take up some kind of hobby and try to find a class to go to...yoga class, art class, cooking class, sewing class, photography class, something to keep you occupied and get you mingling with the other wives on post. Keeping busy will make the months go by faster, even when you have a newborn. And blogging helps a LOT...I dated a guy who got deployed and depended so much on my blog to keep me sane!! Good luck girl :)


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