October 4, 2011

Roller coaster kinda day

Today was probably one of those days most military wives dread other than deployment. For the most part I started the day off great, my awesome friend brought over Pumpkin Ice Cream. (Since I've been craving it for weeks now). But after that it was just a day I wish we didn't have to deal with.

First off, how is it that the Army does NOT know not to give your husband a LIVE flu vaccine when your wife is pregnant. Seriously, common sense but apparently the Army lacks that. They gave my husband the live flu vaccine, so now he's sick. Thanks Army, he now has a warm spot on the couch while I have a nice ol' bed to myself. 

Second, with deployment coming up with knew this was going to happen but its just making it more official. Today he took his Hero picture, the one that if g-d forbid anything happens to him they put in the newspaper. 
Also, he made out his will and the power of attorneys that if he were to be brain dead, to where he is hooked up to machines his wish is for me to pull the plug. That had to be the second hardest thing to read other than the will. How can you even think about having to pull the plug on your husband and listen to his demands. 
Another power of attorney he brought home was the one that I have to also be the one they call if he were to go into surgery for any type of injury. Do I want them to try to the surgeries, or amputate? Again why would anyone want to read this before deployment. 

So with these documents completed, the hero's photo taken and the rest of the power of attorney's slowly getting done (we are having issues with the Air Force's Civilian Lawyers being complete airheads) we are almost ready for deployment. 

Yesterday, he took his multi-cam uniform, ruck sack and assault pack to get the name tapes sewed on, and everything done for that. It was a mad house there, the place had multi-cam to the ceiling practically. 

So almost everything is prepared for deployment, except me. We have another pre-deployment brief in 2 weeks and there are NO children allowed due to the "topics" discussed. Which usually means it'll be all about the deployment, the "good" and the BAD. 

Hoping tomorrow will be a bit more cheerful and not so depressing with the documents that come home. But with deployment around the corner I won't be holding my breath.


  1. This time before they leave is so hard :( I hope you are able to have some fun memories before he leaves. Know that when he does go there are a lot of us out there that have been through it before.

  2. I hated this time before my husband deployed. Hated it. I'm here for you if you need it girly. You will learn how strong you are after all of this!

  3. I hated doing those things too. It's just the last things you wanna think about when you're already worried and stressed about them leaving.

  4. Oh my word... I don't think I could handle that. I would be a wreck... especially since he is leaving you when you are pregnant. Will he miss the birth? Oh my gosh, you are in my prayers for sure!


  5. Good Morning Cassie Thank You for stopping by and following me i am now following you back Your Blog looks too cute and i love your posts!!! i look forward on becoming friends! hope you have a great day


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