November 4, 2011

Decorating Landon's Room

Block leave is going great, were getting a lot done around the house & working on getting Landon's nursery done. 

The past few days I worked on wood letters for his wall, and yesterday we put up some blue & green sheer curtains to make the room give the appearance of being painted and it also looks kind of like bubbles on the curtains.

Here are some pictures of this weeks arts & crafts for Landon's room:


The completed wood letters, on the wall :) 

Yesterday we put up the curtains in Landon's room as well. My good friend Heidi gave me her girls old curtains  they were blue & green. So I decided to do the green behind the blue to make an underwater appearance.

Now to clean & organize the garage so I can get to everything when my husband deploys


  1. SO cute! I can't wait to have a baby so I can get my baby craft on! No rush here though. In time. I'm thinking by the time I'm 30 sounds great! We're only 5 years out!

  2. The letters and turtles are so cute!


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