November 5, 2011

Op Love

Today we did our pre-deployment photos with such an incredible photographer. The photos turned out wonderful! 
Granted the baby weight in my face showed & I was red from the cold they look great.
It was 13* outside when we took the photos.

Here's a few of my favorite ones 

This one is my absolute favorite, we were having a snow ball fight <3 

I'm thinking this one for Christmas cards if we don't have a full length one


  1. Beautiful pictures and you look great! :)

  2. Such beautiful pictures.

  3. These pictures are beautiful!!!

    Thanks for stopping by Military Monday today! :)

  4. I love these pictures!
    I am stopping by from Military Monday :)

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  5. Love the photos! We had an Op Love session a couple months ago - so grateful for that program!
    Stopping by (a little late!) from Military Monday!


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