December 13, 2011

Baking to pass the time

So it's now been 5 days since any contact from my husband. Heartbreaking I must say. The hardest part of the deployment is seeing everyone's Facebook status' about how they talked to their husbands, via Skype, phone, etc. I would just like to know my husband got to his COP safe and is there. I still don't know where he is. But that's the military lifestyle for you.


So theres a wonderful wife out here in Alaska who started up this awesome website/blog. DEPLOYMENT KITCHEN 365 (<--- CLICK THERE FOR AWESOME RECIPES).

So today she posted a recipe for biscotti (my favorite) and I had everything I needed to make it so I baked my little heart out tonight. Baking seems to make the time go by faster so I bake. (daily..) So in terms of deployment.. I'm on my 5th care package for my husband in a month.. Yep he's spoiled. I have to much time on my hands, but once baby comes in Feb the care package factory will be slowing down. 

Mixed the yummy goodness (I have to admit I kept stealing pieces of it) 

Biscotti in progess

It looked just like her's! I am SO proud of myself..
So the biscotti was a SUCCESS.. Tomorrow I'm making more to send to family. Hubby's is already packed up and ready to be sent out tomorrow. Hopefully he enjoys it as much as I did. (3 of pieces are already in my stomach, had to pack it up ASAP)

In order to get the recipe, please go support her page and like her blog (link above). She has awesome recipes.

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  1. Ooh...that looks yummy! I hope you hear from your hubby soon. Keeping him in my prayers!


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