December 14, 2011

Worth the wait

After 5 1/2 days, I got my phone call from my husband. I must say I was sadly getting used to not hearing from him. But hearing his voice made my day. Luckily my body has been preparing for the baby so I wake up automatically every 2 hours, so when he called I was wide awake. 

I wish I could say he was doing well but he's not. He's having a lot of issues with his platoon Sgt, which pisses me off. They are the same rank, but his platoon Sgt out ranks him by a month. This guy treats my husband like he is a private in basic training. It was heartbreaking hearing my husband upset and unmotivated. They are so early into this deployment that I would hope his platoon Sgt would have his head on straight. But apparently he is going nuts on everyone causing morale to be non existent. 

I worry because this is the guy I am supposed to be trusting with my husbands life, yet he can't even keep his temper under control or have any organized thought process. I am hoping my husband will get promoted during the deployment so he can take over as platoon Sgt. 

So yes... other than hearing my husband so down things are going well. I finally got to tell him about the L&D visit, Landon's heart rate and of course my car issues. 

We got to talk for 30 minutes, probably the longest so far! It was amazing hearing his voice. My heart was racing talking to him, it was unreal. 

After waking up a few more times, I decided to bake again today. I made 60 chocolate chip cookies for hubby's single soldiers. 

Definitely needed to hear from my husband, just the boost I needed to get me going again :) 

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  1. I'm so excited you were able to hear from your husband, that must have been amazing. The military is stressful and sometimes people get overzealous about their rank and responsibilities. It will all work it self out.. Trust in your husband and know that he has had plenty of training. And that he will be well prepared for most things he encounters. I know his battle buddies will appreciate all your delicious homebaked goodness. Your positiveness will keep him positive also..


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