November 11, 2010

My thoughts & Rambles

So, do you ever feel your not good enough for someone, and never will be?
Well I feel like that daily.

My mom's still in town, its been a month now. She has been here for me the entire way, through my rock bottom pill popping cutting catastrophe, where my husband was too much of a jerk to not deal with it on his own. And through my recovery days, of depressed but still content but frustrated moods. I'm not mad at my husband, but I still have some resent. I will feel that no matter what.
I remember during our wedding week, after I pinched my nerve and was in the hospital 3 days prior. This mess we had to deal with.
His family was hours late to our rehearsal because of tux problems, then they ALL wore Hawaiian shirts to our Rehearsal dinner. I remember being so drugged up for our wedding, crying to his sister saying "I'll never be good enough for your family". I cried to my husband after meeting his family, and I still feel that way.
I feel like he won't ever be good enough for his family, he fights for our country. No he didn't go to college or any other spiffy high education past high school. But he is a US ARMY SOLDIER fighting for our freedom, fighting for everyone to pursue their dreams.

He is my soldier, my husband and my hero. He is everything to my family and I and we couldn't be prouder of him. I only wish that our children have 1/2 the courage my husband has. I don't think people thank our soldier's enough, let alone the wife's that are behind them. I admire the wife's I know, who are behind their soldiers. It takes strong women to deal with the military life, and I am lucky to know so many amazing women.

This blog is me just rambling, but the point is this.

My Husband IS GOOD enough for our family, I am good enough for my husband and my family, and we are good enough for our family, the ARMY family, the Military Family. A military family wont turn their backs on you. They understand what is going on, and will step in if necessary.
Happy Veterans Day.. & Thank you to the amazing wives behind the soldiers.

He is my hero <3


  1. I have the exact opposite problem, I'm not bad enough for my husbands family. Seriously they are all whacked out! We have actually cut his family out of our lives (since about a month ago) and life has never been better!

    ‎"By general law, life and limb must be protected, yet often a limb must be amputated to save a life; but a life is never wisely given to save a limb." - Abraham Lincoln (Letter to A.G. Hodges - April 4, 1864)

  2. Your blog is a real challenge to our family. Cassie, I'm puzzled as to how you came to the conclusion that he is not good enough for his family. That has never been the case and will never be. We have accepted all of our children just the way they are. Each has a special personality We have always been there for each other, lifting each other up, giving positive feedback and letting each other know that they our loved. Everyone is considered special in their own way. We have always been there when he returned from his deployments to Iraq. So much support we have given him time and time again. Letters and many packages sent to Iraq. I'm unsure what you mean.

    Also we thought it was fun wearing Hawaiian clothing to such a lovely rehearsal dinner. Sorry you did not like our attire.

    Can you please respond to all I have said. This really bothers us.

    Mike & Linda

  3. Linda,
    I'm sorry if your offended, but this blog is my way of getting things off my chest. I have many reasons to come to the conclusions I have today. Thomas has made statements to us regarding your family, my family has been there for him in times of need. Also, my family has assisted him with his financial mishaps, and have tried to guide him to the right direction. He has made comments regarding the past, and went to my parent's for help financially and emotionally. My family has assisted us with his debt relief, and has been a backbone for him to depend on. I am sorry if you're offended but this blog is for me to air out my emotions, as a army wife, and I don't feel it's fair commentary demanding an answer, and defending what is written. I use this blog to reach out to other military spouses, and I feel that your family has caused more stress on our marriage then necessary and the friends I have made, have supported our decisions. I'm okay with you reading my blog, but please don't take it personally. This is my way of reaching out to others. Thank you.

  4. I think with all of the events going on recently, there's a lot of emotions that may be hard to express.

    Linda, I love your son & daughter in law very much and know how hard this past bit has been on them. Yes, this may be a shock to your family to hear, but with the things Cassie's been dealing with this is the best outlet for her personally to let it out. Yes, if there are troubles with family matters it would be easier to talk offline about this and have a personal discussion, which I fully believe Cassie knows and agrees with. But I do have to say at such an "unstable" (for lack of better words) time - just having an outlet for Cassie to let it out is so much better than her holding it in.

    I'm sure when Cassie and Tom are ready to delve out their hurt feelings, they will be able to sit down with their families and discuss. But for now, it's best we let her get what's bothering her out - because even though words could hurt, these words are a lot less painful that what could be going on with her & Tom's well being.

    Cassie's health and marriage to Tom needs to be the top priority, and going back and forth about who said what and who feels what just isn't the most productive (Cassie this is said to you too, and I know you understand and accept openly just as Linda should).

    We have to support her in this fragile time, becasue we can move on, discuss later, and get over words ... that's hard to do when someone could hurt themselves beyond the point of return.


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