November 21, 2010

Sunday.. A day to relax?

So its Sunday, and rumor has it--- today is supposed to be a day to relax. Well that's not the case in this household. The husband has duty tonight so he won't be home till tomorrow. Here is a wrap up of my past week. Went to the physical therapist, to get the lovely news of my neck being unaligned. Meaning that a neck is supposed to have a curve in the upper spine, mine is dead straight. Causing all of my back spasms, and severe pain. And the result, one month in a neck brace with restricted movement (technically don't do anything with out the neck brace, and take it easy == bed rest). Well fun fact, I have our BN ball on Dec. 4th, and my physical therapist and I were fighting if I could take it off for the ball.. His answer was NO. Another fun fact, I was in a neck brace the week of my wedding, and in the ER 3 days before it because of a pinched nerve. Anyways, my husband isn't home and won't be till later tomorrow. I have my friend dropping off her FIVE Chinchilla's that I will be watching until Dec. 8th (my one year anniversary with my husband). So here's what our house will look like for the next 24 hours. 1 wife, 1 cat, 2 beagles, 5 Chinchilla's, NO husband and 8 papers to write (which are all due within the next week). Talk about STRESSED. I lost all motivation from school and being this perfect wife, but I must gain it back! I need to get these papers done, I need to clean my house && I MUST put my marriage and relationship with my husband back together. I have been getting so mad at my husband for being so tired, but It's not his fault he works these nutty hours. I'm sorry if this post is everywhere, but it's been awhile since I posted a real post, not like I even think anyone reads this but here is what will be going on this upcoming month. 1 wife in a neck brace for a month. 3 days of privates families, (Meet & Greet, Family Day & Graduation) Any ideas for stress relief? I have successfully completed 1 1/2 seasons of Psych, and took about a zillion hot baths with my book & oil in the bath with candles. Shopping is out of the question because of NO money, since I'm not allowed to work (per the therapist). I am not a happy army wife. I am in severe pain & I'm exhausted. But I will make changes! I must make CHANGES! I need to be a good wife, I need to control my stress & anxiety. I want to make my marriage to the most amazing man work. I can't let this pain get in my way of life. I will make the changes immediately and will continue to work on myself & my marriage.


  1. Hi I am a new follower so just wanted to stop by! I hope everything works out for you, it sounds like a lot but take it all one step at a time!

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    God Bless,

  3. That must be so hard - crazy hours and physical pain can be a lot to handle. I hope you hang in there! I'm following you from Relax and Surf - hope you can visit me at Thanks!


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