November 9, 2010

Thankful... Admirable & Just Amazed

So I see so many people doing the I'm thankful November challenge. Now as much as I wish I would even be able to keep up with daily thanks, or daily blogs/ journals for that matter I wish I knew about it. But I just need it to be known, I am thankful for my friends, family, military family, my animals, and of course the technology today that allows us military wives connect with each-other, and even more our husbands across the country. I also must say, that I am thankful for God, and giving me the strength to get through my health problems, mental, physical and emotional.
I don't think the other military wives know how much I admire them and appreciate them. I admire that I'm sitting here at home with a husband, two dogs, a cat (and a temporary mommy to help) and I wake up stressed out, overwhelmed, and still frustrated that I am being told I can't work. It's ridiculous, I want to work. I want to make an income and help provide for my husband and I. It hurts so much that I cant, and I over think and completely over analyze the fact that I don't.
I admire my military wife friends, their husbands are gone just like mine, or deployed. They are stay at home moms, but on top of juggling the daily life they are completely in control of their life along with their kids. I can barely handle being just my husband and I. How are these incredible women functioning?! Let alone in control, and calm!
Ladies, just know I admire you all. I hope that one day I can be one of those strong women juggling my life with children, a husband and whatever else gets thrown my way. I don't think there is enough appreciation for the military wives. It shouldn't just be a day about military spouse appreciation. Our husbands appreciate us, we appreciate each-other, and ourselves.


  1. I too do not work and I hate it because I want to help my husband out. I want us to be able to have more money so that we can go out and do things more often. However my husband and I agreed that I will not start working until we are able to get a second car, because when he is state side he has to go from one end of post to the other through out the entire day. I am sure its going to take a while for us to be able to afford a second car but this time gives me a chance to get a better education for myself.

  2. I'm in school as well, where are you guys stationed?

  3. Ohhh no.. did my comment not go through :(

  4. No Amie it didn't, try it again. I'm sorry.

  5. Well poop! First off, don't be sorry (it was probably technical error on my part :P) Okay so.. I was saying that just because other military wives appear to have it together, doesn't mean they really do. Some (like me) have just gotten really good at masking a lot of things. There have been numerous days, after everyone in the house has gone to bed that I've gone and sat in a bath and just bawled my eyes out, I've even sat outside on the porch and sobbed.

    As far as the work thing, I know it sucks because you want to feel like you are contributing, but you really need to focus on you, and making you healthy again :)


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