January 6, 2011

Biolgoical Family Day 2:

It's the morning after I flew in to meet my biological family, and everything is wonderful. Margaret got my husband and I such beautiful decorations for our home for the holidays, and patriotic colors to make our home cozy. Yesterday blogspot.com wasn't working here in NY, but It's up and running so I'll try to get back up to date on my blogs, and my 365 project. Yesterday was an anxious day, and my oldest brother video taped the whole thing, but hes a procrastinator so who knows when I'm getting a copy of that moment. I was presented with flowers, hugs and full acceptance. After wards we went home and had pizza then off the a volleyball game.

The other brother stuffing his face with 5 slices of pizza

A 2nd Christmas: In NY; The three woman ruling the house now: Margaret, Rebecca and I when I opened Christmas Gifts

The flowers they bought for me
My littlest Brother Ryan (super trooper)

My sister and I

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  1. Cassie,

    How wonderful for u! So happy that u have complete acceptance and are having a wonderful and exciting time. Enjoy everything and take it a day at a time...


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