January 7, 2011

Day 2: The adoption story

Life is like a coin. You can spend it any way you wish, but you only spend it once.
Lillian Dickson

So today is my 3nd  day here in New York, and yesterday Margaret and I saw the Broadway show Fiddler on the Roof. We also went to meet her in-laws, not sure what they are to me, but here are some photo's of the day. Supposedly, were expecting 8-14 inches of snow within the next 48 hours.

Anyways, going along with the quote above by Lillian Dickson: This quote is bitter sweet to me in my eyes, and with the adoption process and now the completion of the process.. the meeting. My biological mother had an option to keep me, or do what was best for me and give me up for adoption. She did what was best, putting me first, and she made the tough decision to choose parents to raise me. Originally there was another family that was supposed to get me but they backed out. It must of been fate, I was raised by amazing parents that my friends and husband love. They have spoiled me rotten, watched me grow up, my mom dressed me up, my dad had his little girl wrapped around his finger. It was and still is the life, I was never thinking it would be different, or that the past or stories would be complete by meeting the woman who made the hardest decision to give up her daughter before I was even born.

I had the option to meet Margaret, my biological mother when I was 18, but I wasn't ready. She was looking everywhere for me, then found me off IMDB, since I was a makeup artist. We talked on the phone and e-mailed often and my mom asked if I wanted to go to NY to meet my biological mother. Finally I was ready, and came out here. I got in two days ago and the 2nd night we stayed up till about 130 am going through all of the adoption papers and photos. Of course I was crying, I was emotional, in pain and was taken for a roller coaster of from start to now. No one could ever be prepared for the emotions that come across seeing the writing of your biological mom, or seeing your parent's profile with pictures and information about who they were, and what they liked. They are so much the same today, and have grown into such great parents. So below are some of the photos of the documents my biological mother saved. She also has pictures of me when I was a baby on her walls, it makes me feel so welcome that her three other kids and husband knew about me from day one.
The "Resume" My parent's had to put in to get me :)
My first Birth Certificate before the adoption was complete

The hospital I was born at :) March 24 I was supposed to be an April Baby


The Meeting at the Airport:

This blog is a two day blog that had to be reread numerous times, the photo of the hospital was taken last night on the way home. I am so thankful that the adoption worked out for everyone. My parents (Adrienne & Marty) have raised me amazing, and have supported my crazy, irrational, pathetic, and sometimes smart decisions. Margaret somehow lucked out, with getting rid of the problem child (health problems, tattoos, piercings, and ditching school). I am one expensive woman, and child and I am so thankful that my parent's have taken care of me the way they said they would, did and still do.My Parent's have supported me through everything, and I don't think they will ever understand how much this trip has opened doors to more relationships, self growth, and a better understanding of "my roots".

Margaret's family is so sweet, loving and welcoming, its like down home country love. She took me shopping yesterday to get antiques and country decorations so I can start decorating our home. We got a lot of red, white and blue, patriotic decorations. I found out that I do have a creative side in me, and can't wait to start working on some projects when I get home. I'll hopefully post later today, about our day at home scrap booking, baking and spending time watching movies.


  1. Your story just made my eyes water. (I can't fully cry cause I have a little girl in front of me and she'll say, "Why you sad Momma Geedget?" That would be hard to explain. That little girl is my 2nd cousin, and my Navy Hubs & I are adopting her. It's the most amazing choice I've ever made in my life.. :)

    Have fun in NY! We too are in upstate NY getting hit with about 12 inches of snow! :)

  2. What an incredible story! I'm sure you are going through a serious roller coaster of emotions. But it also sounds like you're really taking it all in and enjoying it.

    Thanks for linking up on the weekly roundup!


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