January 4, 2011

Epidural/ 365

Well, today was my epidural in my neck. I haven't had kids to compare that to, but it was the most awful pain ever. Since I have a high tolerance to pain medication, the Valium & sedative given to me didn't calm my anxiety, and I felt everything: 4 catheter's, & injections into my neck/spine.

This is going to be a short post, mostly to promote my 365 blog, and to let everyone know I am leaving in 5 hours to the Airport to meet my biological mother and her family. I will be gone a week, but I am taking my camera to continue taking a picture a day! Please follow the 365 blog, and if your participating in this project leave me your link I would love to follow it.


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  1. What a time to come to your blog! Hope you have/had a good flight and the week goes well.

    I have a low pain threshold I'm afraid!

    CJ xx


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