January 2, 2011

Life Goals 2011

·  Things Change
"Sometimes our fate resembles a fruit tree in winter. Who would think that those branches would turn green again and blossom, but we hope it, we know it" 
-Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

My life goals for 2011, we discussed having a plan for 2011 in Church today and I threw some of my own categories in as well but this is what I want to have done and be by next year.
·       Spiritual:
·       Attend church regularly  
·       Join 4 youth groups
·       Read daily devotions with my husband nightly  
·       Financial:  
·       Continue to read financial books on planning and budgeting
·       Make a monthly spending plan and track ALL expenses
·       Use Jars for expenses cash can be used for
·       Stay on our debt repayment program
·       Keep Track of all bills in organized manner
·       Save money to fix the house before we rent it out
·       Fitness/Health:  
·       Ride my bike daily
·       Attend all my doctor appointments
·       Get the epidurals and injections needed for my spine
·       Eat healthy
·       Walk the dogs with my husband
·       Beauty:  
·       Stop impulse buying of products
·       Continue to get Fills & Pedicures monthly
·       Schedule brow wax every 6 weeks
·       Wash my face no matter how sleepy I am
·       Home:  
·       Keep our binder organized with all sections marked
·       Keep house clean (daily tasks)
·       Keep better laundry schedule
·       Organize office and closets
·       Purchase only what is necessary to finish the home (even though we will be moving in August)
·       Career:
·       Continue on-line courses
·       Work Part- Time until health is better
·       Family:
·       Cook dinner and sit at the table with my husband
·       Game night with my husband and army family bi weekly
·       Go on marital retreats provided by the army
·       Support my husband through his Army Career
·       Celebrate the milestones this year 
·       Personal:  
·       Blog regularly
·       Be more active with the FRG
·       Have more ME time, and read or relax
·       Hobbies:
·       Project 365
·       Scrap booking-plan one night per month to scrap
·       Take a class at the Scrapbook Store
·       Other:
·       Menu planning:  
·       Monthly menu plan
·       Weekly menus
·       Grocery lists
·       Inventory freezer
·       Inventory pantry
·       Clip coupons


  1. I love all your goals. A lot of your goals that you have- I have the same ones! :] Good luck on your goals & happy new year! <3

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  3. I'm starting a project 365 too. A little.different style than yours but thanks for some tips!!


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  5. Oh my gosh, those are a lot of goals! I've given up on being that ambitious with my resolutions, so I admire your determination!

    I'm a new follower from the Relax and Surf blog hop! I'd love it if you'd follow me back.


  6. What a wonderful plan for the NEW Year!!Your challenges and goals are smart and positive. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Being there with you at church today which you know is a little awkward for me turned out to be a very positive experience. I hope you can accomplish all your goals. You have set the limit very high but being the person you are, I know if anyone can accomplish all that it is you. Love you very much!!!!!

  8. Those are some pretty good goals Cassie. I'm sure you'll be able to reach them :)

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  10. thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for the follow^^
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  11. Love your goals! :) Thanks for putting my button on your blog, and for linking up with the linky! :) However, where are your 365 pictures?? hehe. Next time, please link directly to the post with the picture! :) Thanks!


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