October 6, 2011

More Drama in "Paradise"

I find it funny that when you try to be the bigger person, you end up getting a coward on the other end. 
Last week I wrote an e-mail to my mother in law after an argument my husband and I had when my husband was on the phone with his mother. To sum it up, his mother INSISTED on staying throughout their time here even though we got deployment dates. The deployment dates would give my husband and I 1 day together before deployment if his mother decided to stay the entire time. 

The e-mail is in another blog post if you wish to read it. Since the e-mail was sent I asked my husband daily if his mom has responded anything to him. With a straight face, he said no. Well my husband left his phone at home today. Since we have the same phone I went to check my facebook (hoping to see if my friend had her baby). But what I found instead, was an Facebook message from his mom. 

"Your wife posts something nasty about me on Facebook. I think you you need to talk about the letter. She has friends talking about what a terrible person I am."

"It needs to stopped. That is verbal abuse about someone on Facebook". 

Well, my husband just nicely said "I know mom, I will talk to her after the shower.."

Here's what I think.. It's not verbal abuse when its an e-mail! I don't talk shit about her on Facebook. There are no names, and only quotes about bad people. Is it my fault she knows how horrible of a person she is, nope! 

& Did my husband say anything to me about it? NOPE.. So he lied, must of got it from his peachy awesome mother. 

His mom is so close to causing a divorce, and she would LOVE it. 

At this point I don't know what to do. Am I being disrespectful for telling her that boundaries need to be set? No. 

Do I post that I write in my blog every day no? Here's an interesting point.... She doesn't blog, so she's specifically going on my blog to "spy" on me. Why... To cause drama.. 

Funny how things work, and she thinks people are talking shit about her? Well maybe it's because they agree with me! 

Can't wait for my husband to come home to talk about this nonsense. But they won't be coming for Thanksgiving thats for damn sure. I will make sure to be calling the MP's if she comes near my house. That's a promise. 

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