December 8, 2011

Celebrating Alone

Today was our my and Tom's 2 year anniversary. Of course with him being deployed we knew weren't going to spend it together. But what I didn't know was that I was going to spend my morning at the lab getting blood work done. I'll start with the update first then get to my day celebrating our anniversary alone.

Yesterday I had my 28 week check up with the OB, and boy was that a disaster. First off it was a new Dr. because when you see military Dr.'s you RARELY see the same one. So this new Dr. barely introduces herself before getting to the point. Not even 5 minutes in the room and she says "your glucose test came back abnormal, so come back tomorrow to take a 3 hour one". Then she goes to say "from the looks of it you are gaining to much weight". Mind you, you DO NOT tell a spouse of a deployed service member, who is pregnant that she has gained to much weight... (the picture below is me at 27 weeks).

I leave that appointment almost in tears, feeling like a fat unhealthy cow. She made it seem like I sit on my couch and eat 5 Big Mac's per a meal. I am NOT planning on seeing her again, I will be sure of that.

So today, I spent 3 hours of my morning at the lab. 8:30 in the morning with no food in my system getting blood taken. Then after drinking a horrible flat soda type drink I sat around for 3 hours. Every hour getting more blood taken. It was NOT the kind of event I wanted to start my anniversary day with.
The Anniversary part.. It has been 2 years since I married my husband. We barely knew each other when we got married. We met online in November, I flew out to Alabama the end of November & then we got married Dec 8. It was court house wedding and was quick, we moved fast and that was what was comfortable for us. We just rolled out of bed one morning and said let's get married. So here we are 2 years later, at the start of a deployment with a baby 3 months away from arriving. 
So after a rough morning and kind of lonely I went and did errands and put together a care package for the hubby. After some wise words from some friends went to the store, bought sparkling cider & strawberries. Popped in Sleepless in Seattle, enjoyed my sparkling cider, and ate my strawberry's celebrating our day for the both of us. Of course after not talking to my husband for a few days I was bummed out. But thankfully he called to say happy anniversary. He was tired, he traveled all night and barely could keep his eyes open but he still made the effort and that was the best anniversary gift ever. 

And just a quick update of the deployment

I am so proud of how well I am doing with this deployment. I have made such incredible friends that have provided me with good advice (some with crap advice) but have kept me going. I started going to bible study as well, they are on "christmas break" till January then they are doing the book "Tour of Duty". I look forward to that. I have learned that moving on with your life and not dwelling on your husband being gone really does help. It's not living without him, its living for him and holding down the home front. 


  1. Wow what a witch! I hate Army drs. I have had 6 in the past year and a half cause they keep pcsing. Every time I get one I like they leave. I hope your day goes better.

  2. Omg. I wonder if it's an epidemic. I took my glucose test and was told it was abnormal also so I was instructed I had to take the 3 hour one. But in order to do that I had to do some crazy meal plan for three days prior to taking the test and then I wasn't able to go to the lab till 10am. Tell me how it makes sense to tell a pregnant woman to fast... I can barely wait from breakfast to lunch with out feeling famished. But while I was at the lab there was someone else taking the 3 hour glucose test with myself. This is my second pregnancy and I miss civilian doctors.. I'm proud of you for being strong while your husband is gone. My significant other flew out today and I am just in disbelief.. None of it seems real yet..

  3. First of all - Happy Anniversary!
    Secondly - um, what makes that doctor think you are gaining too much weight? You look great!
    I'm glad things are going well for you with the deployment. You are so right, you keep living your life while they are away to honor them and what they are doing. Keep up the awesome job! :)


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